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OK, it's true. I tend to repeat myself sometimes. But that's because when I know some bit of experience or wisdom is true, I really, really want people to know about it. So, it's time to repeat myself again.

Every Page on Your Website is Your Showcase and Front Door

Yes, that's right. Every single page on your website is a potential show window and/or front door where a potential customer (or all-important repeat customer) may enter your business. That means that you need to think of every page on your website as the most important page on your website!

Yes, it's true that most visitors will hit your home page, but the only thing that sets apart your home page from every other page on your site is that it is the page that is served by default when someone enters your website address in their browser. But, since most people come to your website via a web search or from a social media link, it's really not that likely that your home page is the one that visitors will be landing on when they visit.

Even worse, your home page is the one page on your site that is sure to be generic, and therefore the least interesting to a motivated buyer.

So, make sure that every page on your website is as inviting and informative (relative to its focus) as your home page and you're bound to see improved results as a result.