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WordPress Gutenberg Editor is the surest sign yet that our society is in trouble. I’m serious. Here’s why. This statement written to explain why this new, and certainly interesting way of editing on WordPress, is needed, now: “One thing that sets WordPress apart from other systems is that it allows you to create as rich a post layout as you can imagine — but only if you know HTML and CSS and build your own custom theme. By thinking of the editor as a tool to let you write rich posts and create beautiful layouts, we can transform WordPress into something users love WordPress, as opposed something they pick it because it’s what everyone else uses.”


WordPress Gutenberg Editor is basically Automattic’s answer to a Facebook Society, and that’s a bad thing. It means Mark Zuckerberg has succeeded in making society stupid. From what I’m reading from WordPress, people only use it because they have to, not because they want to. Well, that’s a good thing. But what Facebook has done is make the basic person not want to learn how to build a website at all, or learn code. And be slaves to Mark’s views on privacy, as stated to TechCrunch Founder Michael Arrington in 2010…


Zennie Abraham, posting at has an interesting take on what WordPress' new block-based editor, Gutenberg, means for the fate of our republic. And while there is food for thought in the grim analysis presented, the more pressing issue for businesses running their websites on WordPress is, "will Gutenberg prove to be a Titanic-sized iceberg for my website?"

The answer is, maybe. But fear not, it is not time to panic. Despite the massive change that Gutenberg will make to the way posts and pages will be created in WordPress, the gang promises to offer a "Classic Editor" plugin to keep your workflow -- and your sanity -- going smoothly, at least for the initial Gutenberg launch period.

Levinternet uses Elegant Themes' Divi Framework for most of our WordPress Development work, and it's version of block-based page construction is something most of our clients wouldn't want to give up. The flexibility it offers is of great value in effectively communicating information to visitors, and in the end I think Gutenberg will be a very big plus.

Of course, Elegant Themes and many other Theme developers will have to grapple with Gutenberg too, but that's a conversation for another day!