Starting from a blank page: Localized SEO

Jan 29, 2021 | Localization, Search Engine Optimization

Whether or not you plan on doing any of your own work for your website – SEO, Social Media, Content Development – understanding what’s involved in the process is always worthwhile.

And in regard to on-page SEO localization, a recent article by Blake Denman on the Semrush Blog, On-Page Strategies for Local SEO: Ranking in Multiple Cities is a must read.

Starting from a ‘blank page’ perspective, Denman works through the critical steps required for effectively adding additional service areas to your website’s SEO structure, including local keyword development, how to analyze current search results, and creating suitable pages and content.

Though it’s definitely not a leisurely read, the article does a great job of explaining what’s vital to successful regional localization, and it’s worth making the time to absorb what it has to share if your business has any sort of local aspect to it.

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