Design Spotlight: Keller Williams Blue Bell

Jan 28, 2021 | Design Spotlight

Every successful website design and implementation project needs to start with an effort to develop an understanding of the individual client’s needs and expectations, as well as a clear view of the level of competition within the business sector the client’s enterprise is in. A simple website may be fine for some lines of business, but not for others. The web developer needs to understand what competitor’s websites are delivering in order to capably advise the client about what their website needs to deliver.

Once that research is complete, it’s time to create a Scope of Work and Development Timeline with recommendations on what’s required in order to build and launch the site successfully – satisfying the client’s expectations, but more importantly, the expectations the future clients or customers of the client. Only then will the client ultimately truly be satisfied with the work performed on their behalf.

In the case of the Keller Williams Blue Bell project, it was critically important to be aware of the general nature of real estate agency operations in the region, to ensure that the site not only met, but exceeded what was being offered by the typical sites that other agencies were presenting to the public. In a highly competitive environment like real estate, a professional, attractive site, was only the floor for measuring success. The site needed to provide a sense of established competence, a focus on client satisfaction, and a good user experience in navigating the site in order to succeed.

Furthermore, fundamental site functionality, such as the provision of listings of homes for sale in the area via the services of a Multiple Listing Service, and a directory of agents, needed to be successfully implemented in order to meet the functional specification that was part of the Scope of Work developed for this particular client.

Not every site has as complex a requirement for site functions, but direct client input and the background research done prior to developing the Scope of Work sets the goals that must be met in order to build and launch a site that meets the clients expectations and the demands of the marketplace beyond those expectations.

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