ManagementConcierge-class web management
DesignUser-focus maximizes engagement and conversion
DevelopmentIntegration of web activities with business goals
BrandingPrograms for consistent and sustained recognition

Hi. I’m Robert Levin. I’m a marketing veteran and long time web developer.

My company takes a no nonsense approach to growing your business. If you’re looking to get what you pay for, and not have to pay for things that don’t help grow your market share, read on.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur starting a new venture, or a business manager who’s frustrated with your current marketing and branding efforts, I and my company may be the kind of marketing development and management resource you’re looking for.

No question, there are a lot of choices out there, but the clients I serve are those who want to focus on building or growing their business and not be wasting time trying to become a Marketing and Internet Development expert at the same time.

These are individuals or companies who need a professional and reliable resource to take responsibility for the development and management of their brand and online presence and who understand that ‘concierge level’ service and support that entails needs to be paid for at a reasonable rate to ensure competence and ongoing reliability.

There are, of course, plenty of marketing books and free do-it-yourself resources online, and many companies out there offering free, design-it-yourself websites. But, doing it yourself means you’re spending time that might be better utilized in other areas, and you will find that free websites won’t get the job done unless you add paid-for services. The reason they can offer you a free site is that building a custom site is the most costly aspect of getting your business on the web, so they offload the cost onto you.

That’s not to say my company’s services are expensive. They are not. Especially the all-important online property management services we offer. For as little as $19.95 a month, we will host your website and company email, make sure it’s online, provide active security to keep it that way, and perform daily backups so if something does happen, we can have your site back in play with absolute minimal down time. For the same cost, we will maintain your hosting on providers like GoDaddy and HostGator.

When it comes to Branding, Design and other marketing-related tasks, we utilize our experience and skill to develop solutions that deliver a complete solution, both online and in the traditional media arena.

For example, our Website development and re-design service delivers a responsive content-focus that ensures your site works on all devices and meets Google’s mobile and content criteria for satisfactory search results, along with a behavioral science based design philosophy targeting user engagement and conversion-enhancement.

We think of it as playing chess while other play checkers.

Please contact mecontact me if you would like to discuss your particular needs. I’ll be happy to spend as much time as needed to fully understand what your business is about and what you want to achieve online.

Then, if you hire me, I’ll lay out a precise development program and ensure delivery is on time and on budget.

With the ongoing personalization of the Internet (especially through the use of mobile devices), the influence of Social Media becomes stronger every day.

We invite you to visit us on Facebook, to learn how Social Media can help grow your business!

Use this Template as a starting point for your next Headway Project.

You can get started with your own copy of this demo on your own server or localhost in a few simple steps. By installing the template and importing the layouts and demo content you are simply replicating this exact install.


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